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Electric Power Capacitor
Electric Power Capacitor

Medium Voltage Capacitors for Power Factor Correction and Shunt Capacitor Banks

ALT Powertron Medium Voltage Power Capacitors have been designed for reactive power compensation for industrial plant and electrical networks.  Where required voltages are higher than the rated voltage of individual units, they may be connected into series banks.

The reliability of these capacitors depends on careful design, the use of high quality materials, and constantly monitored production systems.  The ISO 9001 certified manufacturing environment is essential for the continued reliability of these products.

The capacitor construction comprises several layers of rough (hazy) polypropylene film, with aluminium foil electrodes, connection to the terminations with tin plated copper strips or wires.  Elements are assembled into stacks for internal parallel and/or series connection, depending on the operating voltage.

The impregnant is non-toxic, environmentally compatible and quickly biodegrades.  Therefore, no special precautions are required for disposal.

Long Life

ALT Powertron Medium Voltage Power Capacitors are All Film capacitors, using low loss polypropylene.  The capacitors are 100% tested, both during manufacture and in final test before despatch.  By using the highest quality material, together with this stringent testing regime, long lifetimes are assured.

All capacitors are subjected to the following final tests:

 - Leak Test

- Capacitance and Tan Delta Measurement

 - Proof Voltage (t-t and t-c)

 - Discharge Test

 - Sonic Corona Test

Construction: Low loss polypropylene dielectric, with laser cut aluminium foil electrodes and environmentally compatible, biodegradable impregnant.

Applications: Reactive power compensation for medium voltage networks and supplies to industrial installations.

Product Range: The values and voltages in the tables below represent our standard rangeOther values and voltages are available on request.

Pollution-free: All materials used in ALT Powertron Medium Voltage Power Capacitors are non-toxic and environmentally compatible

Dimensions: Our capacitors have standard dimensions, but we may also be able to match your own particular requirements.  Please contact us for further information.

Technical Specification

Factory Quality Assurance Standard:

Rated Output:                                         See tables                                                          Capacitance Tolerance:                       -5 / +10%

Working Voltage (Un):                          Up to 34.5 kV AC                                                Working Frequency:                              50 Hz (60 Hz and others on request)

Impregnation Fluid:                               Biodegradable, non-PCB                                Installation:                                              Indoor or outdoor according to

Permitted Overvoltage:                          See tables                                                          Permitted Overcurrent:                          1.30 x In max.

Switching Overvoltage:                         2 x Ö2 x Un(max. 10 ms)                                Max. Peak Current:                                 100 x In for ½ period

Max Torque on M10 and M14 nuts:     15 N-m                                                                 Dielectric Losses (tan d):                       <0.15 W/kVAr

Test Voltage between Terminals:        2.15 x Un AC, 10 secs                                      Test Voltage Terminals and Case:      According to IEC 871-1/2

Fuses:                                                       on request                                                           Discharge Resistors:                             Internal, 50V after 300 secs

Bushings:                                                  Wet process Porcelain                                     Altitude:                                                      2000 metres above sea level

Reference Standards:                             IEC 871-1/2


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