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TECHNOSOFT Motion Control Technology

Motion Chip

The Technosoft MotionChip is a high performance ready-to-run motion controller, based on a DSP
structure. It does not require any DSP Code development. With the advantage to contain all necessary
configurable interfaces on a single chip, the Motion Chip is the ideal building block for the rapid and cost
effective design of fully digital, intelligent drives for various motor types.
The MotionChip can:
1,operate in a stand-alone or in a master / slave, multiple axis configuration
2,control 5 motor types: DC brush, DC brushless, AC brushless (PMSM), AC induction, steppers
3,implement various command structures: open loop, torque, speed, position / external loop control,
4,work with different motion and protection sensors (position, speed, current, torque, voltage,
5,use different communication channels such as SCI for RS232/485, CAN-bus, parallel I/O
6,execute advanced motion language commands and motion sequences

Intended to cover a major part of basic and complex motion applications, the MotionChip has the special
advantage to be a highly flexible structure at the level of
1,motion structure configuration (selection of motor technology, control type, sensors type)
2,motion implementation with high-level motion language commands

Relative to existing solutions, the MotionChip offers many advantages:
1,usable for different motor technologies
2,implementation of multiple motion control configurations, including vector control for AC drives
3,implementation of complete digital control loops, including current/torque control
4,powerful motion language including 34 motion modes, decision blocks, function calls, event-drivenmotion updates, interrupts
5,stand-alone or slave operation
6,minimal requirements for setup configuration and use
7,easy embedding in user hardware structures
8,software-less device (no programming effort required)
9,high-level development tools for application setup, test and debug

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