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Heat Sink Selection Guide
Thermal solutions cover a wide range of applications and devices and employ a variety of unique technologies. Start your heat sink search by finding either the device or application you need to cool or the product line you wish to use to cool it.

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Device Cooled Product Line
» Standard Electrical Packages
Heat Sinks for Standard Electrical Packages Off-the-shelf cooling solutions for standard electrical packages, such as TO-220, TO-3, DIP, and many others. Copper and aluminum heat sinks.
» Extrusion Profiles
Extruded heatsinks Use our selector to pinpoint the right extrusion from the many profiles available.
» Surface Mount
Surface Mount A line of low profile surface mount heat sinks suitable for SMT power semiconductors devices in D-PAK, D2PAK, D3PAK, and SO-10 packages.
» Max Clips™
heatsinks for high power Clip and rail thermal solutions for power transistors. A high performance, low cost way to eliminate mounting holes, screws, rivets, and thermal inefficiency.
» Ball Grid Arrays (BGA)
Ball Grid Arrays (BGAs) A family of BGA heat sinks offers a wide range of cooling solutions for motherboard, video card, and networking applications.
» Liquid Cooled Cold Plates
Liquid Cooled Cold Plates For high heat concentrations, HiContact™ assemblies offer a cost effective method of cooling.
» DC to DC Converters
Heat Sinks for DC to DC Converters Heat sinks designed to match popular DC to DC converter packages, extending their life and performance.
» Options and Accessories
Options and Accessories A total thermal solution requires an appropriate surface finish, efficient thermal interface and means of mechanical attachment.
» Electrolytic Capacitors
Heat Sinks for Electrolytic Capacitors Cap Coolers improve the performance and extend the life of 3" diameter electrolytic capacitors.
» Bonded Fin Heat Sinks
Bonded Fin Heat Sinks Bonded Fin technologies cool high power applications with high fin densities unavailable in extrusions.
» IGBT Modules
Heat Sinks for IGBT Modules Choose from several options for cooling IGBT modules - cold plates, extrusions, bonded fin, and fan heat sinks.
» Integrated Heat Pipe Assemblies
Heat Pipe Assemblies Solutions for heat transport, spreading, or weight savings.
» LED Light Sources
Heat Sinks for LED Light Sources Aavid's wide selection of standard heat sinks provides easy, fast access to cooling solutions for the new generation of LED light sources from Lumileds™.
» Folded Fin Heat Sinks
Folded Fin Heat Sinks Folded Fin technology adds surface area to cool high power applications in a lightweight package. Folded fin assemblies offer maximum forced air cooling in a minimum volume.
» Microprocessors
Heat Sinks for Microprocessors Complete cooling solutions are available for popular microprocessors, including interface material and attachment methods. Copper Cpu heat sinks available.
» Forced Convection Coolers
Forced Convection Coolers Custom designed thermal solutions using quadrant extrusions to cool high power applications.
» Polar Cap™ Coolers
Polar Cap Coolers Polar Cap Heat Sinks can be used to cool any type of electronics equipment from power transistors to thermoelectric modules.


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